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A day in  the project
ECO sharing for Greener future
Czech Republic,20/5/23

A beautiful day that started with very sunny weather, uplifting our mood and enabling us to engage in outdoor activities. We began the sessions with an energizer, walking as a group and following the trainer's instructions to walk, stop, jump or squat. Things became more challenging when the instructions were inverted, with "walk" meaning "stop" and "stop" meaning "walk." Continuing the day, we had a session where we aimed to transfer our project and workshop ideas from the previous day to a more sustainable approach. We considered sustainability in transportation, materials, catering, and other aspects. In the end, each group presented its refined plan to everyone.


In the second part of the morning, we headed outdoors for a beautiful energizer that aimed to connect us with nature. Standing in a circle, we focused on inhaling and exhaling while experiencing an element of nature. This was followed by a silent 10 minutes where we engaged in actions like touching nature, dancing, walking, smelling, and hugging trees, expressing our appreciation for nature freely. We then visited the human library approach to learn about key actions of Erasmus+ such as mobilities KA1, also KA2, long-term projects and also projects related to ESC volunteering opportunities. Lydia, Linda, and Dylan, who have extensive experience in these topics, guided us.


Our lunch was also splendid as we continued to enjoy the sunny weather, beautiful green surroundings, and the gentle spring breeze while sitting outdoors.

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